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Warning To All Email Users

Warning — We have received a very repetitive malware attack via email in the form of a purchase receipt.

This is a very smart attack because it makes the recipient of the email think, “Hey, I don’t remember buying this. What is it?” and then with one click you download an executable file from Dropbox.

What the file does is unknown. Fortunately, our deep-packet inspection firewall blocked one of our users who clicked on the link from downloading the malicious code triggered by the link. See example below:


Trojan attacks come by email or by accepting a solicited link from a compromised website.

To protect yourself from this type of malware, Trojan horse attack should employ 3 layers:

  1. Educate your users. Sharing this information and warning people makes them more aware and less likely to click on links in suspicious emails from unknown senders.
  1. Install a deep-packet inspection firewall. SonicWall and FortiGate are affordable options. The Cisco IPS/IDS module and other IPS/IDS (Intrusion Prevention System/Intrusion Detection System, which is a general term for inspecting all your organization’s Internet traffic to ensure nothing malicious enters your network) are needed to block this type of attack.  There are software versions of this, but in our experience they are not as effective and hamper system performance.
  1. Ensure you have antivirus and anti-malware on all your Windows and Mac-based computers. Antivirus is designed to stop this type of code from being installed, however, it is extremely difficult to block the malicious code from installing once the user authorizes and triggers the download.

Information security firms provide this type of testing. If you want to test your environment to emulate this type of attack in a harmless way, i.e. send an email to your users with a harmless link that displays a benign message like “If this was a virus or malware, you would be infected.” then reach out to your security company for help.  We can be reached at for more information.

Safe browsing and emailing!

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