NEWS ALERT: LADMF FM100A forms expired with no date on replacement

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LADMF FM100A Forms

Outlined below is the latest information we have for those accessing the Limited Access Death Master File.

NTIS is temporarily suspending approving access due to internal approvals being held-up for an expired NTIS-issued FM100A form (ACAB attestation).

We recently became aware through one of our clients that the LADMF access process is on hold due to internal, bureaucratic approval processes for an expired form. As of September 1, 2020, the only attestation forms available are expired and cannot be used for submission. If you had not submitted these forms prior to that date, you will have to wait for the form renewal process to resume before being able to submit the FM100A form. On their LADMF page (pictured below), NTIS explicitly states that they have no control over this renewal process and make no guarantee as to when it will be completed. Additionally, they have increased the annual LADMF subscriber fee to $2,930.

NTIS discontinued telephone support earlier this year and are only responding to emails sent to We recommend emailing NTIS for further information and updates. We also recommend those who need LADMF access to continue with the process of registering applications while we all wait for approvals from NTIS for an updated FM100A form. When that happens, we anticipate the backlog should be cleared up expediently.


If you would like more information about LADMF visit our latest blog or FAQ page.









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