Intraprise Health and HIPAA One FAQ 2021

Overview and Frequently Asked Questions

We are excited to announce Intraprise Health has acquired HIPAA One. Our clients have been asking since our inception to provide additional value-add services and products. With this merger, we can take our core competency of simple solutions to address complex problems and expand the offering to provide our clients with what they desire: expanded security and compliance services all under one roof.

Intraprise Health’s investment enables us to expand our people, processes, and technology to fulfill and continue exceeding client expectations.

What Does This Mean for HIPAA One Customers?

For us, customer success will always be our highest priority. On a day-to-day basis, it will be business as usual. You will continue to work with the same account representatives and auditors as you have been. Your support contacts and billing process will remain the same. We will continue to develop and support the HIPAA One software to fulfill the HIPAA and NIST regulatory requirements as well as improve and simplify the HIPAA One software based on customer feedback and updated regulations.

Additionally, HIPAA One clients will now have access to Intraprise Health’s expanded products and services, such as their HITRUST Assessor Services, business continuity planning, vCISO services and third-party risk management software, ProtectTM.

Continuing Success

Pairing HIPAA One’s automated security risk assessment capabilities with Intraprise Health’s existing cybersecurity capabilities allows us to create a complete security and compliance offering from a single vendor, committed to delivering innovative solutions and excellent customer experience. We are looking forward to our continued growth and innovation.

Looking Forward

We are thrilled that our partnership with Intraprise Health allows us to expand our cybersecurity offerings. We understand the importance of protecting health information and have made it a priority to help organizations simplify and automate those processes, so they have more time to focus on what matters most, their patients.

We are committed to the continued success of our customers and look forward to our continued partnership. You can read the full press release here. For additional questions, please email us at









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