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Atlanta Children’s Hospital Fires and Files Suit Against Executive

According to a recent report,  an award-winning Atlanta children’s hospital recently fired and filed suit on one of its former top executives for allegedly stealing hospital data.

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta filed a complaint in Atlanta federal court on Oct. 25 against Sharon McCray, who was its corporate audit adviser, claiming she stole a considerable amount of proprietary information.

The list of data McCray is alleged of stealing includes patient health information of children, DEA numbers, financial information, state license numbers for more than 500 health care providers, along with other private information of Children’s.

McCray, who was an employee since 2000, announced her resignation to Children’s on Oct. 16, which was to be effective Dec. 20.

It was only two days later the hospital noticed McCray had been emailing its protected health information to her personal email account. Children’s claimed McCray started emailing herself this information the day she announced her resignation and then continued through Oct. 21, when the hospital shut off her access to her corporate email account.

A meeting occurred between Children’s and McCray on Oct. 21 where she admitted to emailing information to her personal email account. The next day, McCray was fired.

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, which has been a renowned pediatric facility since 1998, requested McCray give back the information. But she has yet to do that, so Children’s is asking a federal judge to force McCray to do so.

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