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Business Associate Agreement Solution

HIPAA One allows your organization to correctly assign and manage all your business associate agreements in a simple, automated and affordable web-based tool. 

Designed as an easy-to-use document repository, our BAA solution allows healthcare providers to organize contracts and reduce administrative costs. By meeting the HIPAA/HITECH document requirements, providers can upload and manage contracts for:

  1. Covered Entitles
  2. Business Associates
  3. Sub-contractors of Business Associates
  4. Data Use Agreements
  5. Limited Data Sets
  6. Etc.
Return on Investment:
  1. Time and materials for manually establishing, sending, tracking and storing vs. BAAS automating 95% of the process
  2. Average $40 (assuming a $12/hour rate) per BA to setup vs under $12 per BA to manage the entire process
  3. Legally binding E-SIGN process is instant as is centralized reporting and unlimited user-management

Simple, Automated and Intuitive

The intuitive data-entry screen (includes Business Associate Wizard) allows efficient setup of a vendor in less than 60 seconds. Other features include:

  1. Daily email reminder schedule to signees alleviating manual reminders
  2. Status updates provides visibility and real-time status of the agreement process
  3. E-SIGN-compliant process simplifies vendor signing


Our BAA solution assures compliance with the following:

  1. HIPAA Privacy and Security Rule:
    1. BA: §164.504, §164.502, §164.524, §164.526,§164.528, §164.308(b)(4), §164.314(a)(2)
    2. Data Use Agreement and Limited Data Sets §164.514(e)
  2. E-SIGN Legislation:
    1. 15 U.S. Code Chapter 96, Subchapter I

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