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Become HIPAA Compliant In A Flash!

With government rules constantly changing in regards to HIPAA compliance, making sure your office is HIPAA compliant can seem like the most complicated, time-consuming task. But you know it’s a task you must complete so your office avoids the severe penalties resulting from a privacy or security breach.

Becoming HIPAA compliant doesn’t have to be a stressful situation though. With the right tools and resources, you can become HIPAA compliant in no time, making it an easier, less strenuous process for you.

Note on starting a real compliance effort: the first year of any compliance program will be an investment. Take comfort in knowing the investment is heaviest in the first year, with a diminishing and stable investment over time. The following graph illustrates this concept:

Security and Compliance Investment

Use these tools and become HIPAA compliant in a flash!

HIPAA One® Compliance Software

HIPAA One is one of the most affordable, easy-to-use HIPAA compliance software solutions out on the market. It was designed to be simple, automated and the most comprehensive software in the healthcare industry.

Using HIPAA One’s web-based platform, you can perform a security risk analysis and a compliance gap assessment on your own, or you can opt for an upgrade to receive onsite help from their qualified professionals. This compliance software allows you to quickly find any vulnerabilities or gaps in compliance and formulate action plans to rectify them, saving you time and resources so your time can be better spent serving your patients.

In a nutshell, here’s why HIPAA One is a valuable compliance tool:

  • Affordable
  • Easy to understand and use
  • Saves time
  • Automates reporting and documentation
  • Allows you to track your compliance process
  • Ensures proper documentation for audits
  • Protects ePHI
  • Provides a HIPAA security and compliance checklists
  • Compliant with Meaningful Use Stage 1 and 2

Security Risk Assessment Tool

The SRA Tool was developed by the ONC, in collaboration with the OCR and OGC, as a means to help health providers and professionals when they perform a risk assessment of their office. You can download and run this informational guide on various devices, or you can receive a paper-based version if that’s what you prefer.

Once downloaded, the SRA Tool takes you through every HIPAA requirement and presents you with yes or no questions about your office’s activities. This HIPAA security risk assessment tool isn’t required nor does it guarantee HIPAA compliance. It’s purpose is to be an informational tool helping you assess where your office stands with compliance.

Here are some more benefits of the SRA Tool:

  • Includes resources with each question
  • Lets you document your answers, comments and risk correction plans into the tool
  • Your data doesn’t leave the tool
  • Allows you to pause and see your results during any part of the risk assessment

AIS Health Website

Atlantic Information Services, Inc. is a publishing and information company that develops news, data, strategic information and products for those in the healthcare industry. Their products include websites, webinars, newsletters, books, looseleaf services, databases, directories and strategic reports.

On the AIS Health website, there is a very handy, informative compliance tab. This section is a great go-to resource that provides useful tools, verified tactics and timely news for those wanting to better understand all they need to know about becoming HIPAA compliant.

Here’s why you should bookmark the AIS Health website:

  • One-stop educational compliance resource
  • MarketPlace tab lists their products by type and subject matter
  • Keeps you up to date on healthcare and compliance news
  • Brings insightful healthcare industry managers and advisers right into your office through their webinars 

Non-compliance is not an option. To protect yourself and your office from costly consequences, use these tools and resources to quickly and efficiently become HIPAA compliant.

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