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HIPAA Compliance Management for Hospitals

Managing HIPAA compliance can be a messy, complex process, especially for hospitals and health systems managing compliance for hundreds of individual clinics and practices. It can be difficult to track, maintain and report on risk management and cybersecurity efforts. Many organizations are using time-consuming manual processes such as spreadsheets and emails for compliance, which can require a significant investment of time, money, and resources.  With the …

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Remote Cybersecurity: Best Practices

Remote work is here to stay  Many of us have been working remote for over a year now. The pandemic hit in March of last year and virtually all industries had to adapt. The transition was sudden at the time, and IT and security personnel quickly had to organize their workforce to successfully work remotely. Work from Home (WFH) is no longer a temporary solution to a worldwide pandemic; evidence suggests that many organizations and workforces will continue …

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Implementing the NIST RMF: Step Zero

The NIST RMF is increasingly being seen as the gold standard for industries with critical or highly sensitive data needs – such as healthcare. It is an effective security planning and management framework that enables a comprehensive picture of organizational risk. This helps organizations build a solid risk management strategy, understand the areas that matter most to their organizational security and enable them to properly perform their essential business functions.   Yet, healthcare organizations are spending increasing amounts of money on security and remain vulnerable. Why is that? …

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Choosing a HIPAA Security and Privacy Officer for your compliance program

Appointing a HIPAA security and privacy officer can be a daunting task. Who should you select? What are their responsibilities? Whether you are a recently appointed HIPAA officer, or the one responsible for appointing one, understanding the purpose and responsibilities of a HIPAA officer is a vital component of your organization’s compliance program.

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Intraprise Health Acquires HIPAA One

Intraprise Health, today announced that it has acquired HIPAA One. The merger allows Intraprise Health to offer an integrated set of cybersecurity and compliance software solutions to the healthcare market.

Intraprise Health and HIPAA One FAQ 2021

We are excited to announce Intraprise Health has acquired HIPAA One. With this merger, we can take our core competencies and expand the offering to provide our clients with what they desire: expanded security and compliance services all under one roof.

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Implementing cybersecurity measures BEFORE you experience a breach

We all believe it will never happen to us. Appropriate cybersecurity measures are often avoided until a breach occurs and shakes the foundation of the organization. Waiting for a disaster to occur before making the necessary changes is common and very dangerous. Don’t let a breach be the catalyst for implementing cybersecurity measures

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Cheers to 2021 from HIPAA One

On behalf of everyone at HIPAA One, we wish you a happy holiday season! This year has had its fair share of ups and downs; we appreciate your support through it all.

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HIPAA violations and how to avoid them

The OCR recently announced a few HIPAA violations that resulted in large fines. We go over each case in detail and point out key learnings.

July 1 2022

New State order for Health Insurance Companies

The state of Virginia announced this week that they have made changes to state HIPAA laws and are now formally requiring health insurers to perform an annual NIST-based Cybersecurity Risk Analysis.









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