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We create actionable game plans and solutions for companies that prioritize compliance

HIPAA Compliance is a growing concern. Protected information can slip through cracks you might not even know exist. HIPAA One is here to remove the complexity, remove the time and work strain, and give you the assurance that your company will avoid fines, and keep your clients' information protected.


Who We Are

We are a hyper-focused company with a driven and determined staff that built careers within the healthcare and Health IT segments.


Our Mission

Our mission is simple: make HIPAA Compliance a completely attainable standard by making compliance software available for any company who needs it.


What We Do

We provide next-generation privacy & security software that is simple, automated, and affordable for healthcare, payers and business associates.


Our History & Our Outlook

What makes us different from other compliance companies?

We are constantly striving to improve our software by making our platform intuitive and automated. If there is a way to make compliance more simple for you, we'll find it. Our HIPAA One development team, based out of Lindon, UT works tirelessly to ensure the best and most-consistent end-user experience.

George Pappas

Chief Executive Officer

George Pappas, CEO of Intraprise Health is a high-tech executive with more than 35 years of deep cross-functional experience in Sales & Marketing, Professional Services, Operations, Product Management, and R&D. Most recently Chief Customer Officer and Chief Operating Officer at DrFirst, a medication management company, George was responsible for growing the customer base to over 1,400 hospitals and 100,000 prescribers in the US and Canada.

George has experience in a range of industries including Healthcare, Financial Services, Telecommunications, US National Security Community, and Higher Education. A seasoned executive with strong regional, national, and international experience, he has led R&D teams in the US, India, Russia, Poland, and China. He is active in CHIME and a member of their CFCHE program.

George Pappas

Bobby Seegmiller

Senior Vice President

Bobby Seegmiller is a Senior SaaS Sales Executive with 15+ years of business experience selling enterprise solutions and developing business partnerships. He currently serves as Senior VP of Business Development at HIPAA One, where he oversees business development, sales strategy, implementation and growth of HIPAA One. Prior to joining HIPAA One, Bobby served as a SaaS E-sign Solution Consultant for several Fortune 50 customers by automating workflow and incorporating electronic signatures to increase sales and reduce risk. Hobbies include a passion for all things outdoors. Family, hiking, backpacking, motorcycling, skiing, fishing, Disneyland, high-adventure, and travel to exciting places helps to maintain a great work/life balance.

Kent Norton

Senior Vice President Professional Services

Kent Norton has over 15 years of experience in IT as a Systems Analyst Auditor, Information Systems Manager, and Network Engineer. He is passionate about Health Care working with all levels of Hospitals and Clinics, and has the ability to effectively communicate between executive management and technical staff. He is proficient in gathering, researching, and presenting HIPAA security audit information used to develop HIPAA security strategies, policies and procedures, solution options and remediation planning. Kent holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Utah Valley University in Accounting and End-User Support. He also holds a Master’s Degree from University of Phoenix in Business Administration and Technology Management.


Sierra Butterfield

Marketing Executive

Sierra Butterfield currently works as the Director of Marketing for the HIPAA One team. As the Director of Marketing, she is responsible for the strategic planning, marketing execution, and partner engagement programs at HIPAA One. She is passionate about protecting personal information and is excited to be a part of the HIPAA One team. Sierra attended Utah State University where she studied Marketing and Business Management. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, going on road trips with friends, and spending time with her family.


Business Mascot

PAT became the mascot of HIPAA One in the business's beginnings. It's common for HIPAA to be misspelled as "HIPPA," similar to Hippo. PAT the HIPAA hippo has brought a lighthearted side to our company and remains an essential part of the team. We also use PAT as a mnemonic device to help providers remember that they need to address "Physical" "Administrative" and "Technical" safeguards as part of their Security or Privacy Risk Analysis.


Industry Certifications

Our 5 Software Fundamentals

  • 01

  • Simplicity

    Since it’s inception in 2012, HIPAA One® has become a compliance software industry-leader. We've automated the SRA process as much as possible.  The result: a workflow that streamlines reporting by utilizing simplified questions. HIPAA One® is the one-stop shop for SRA, remediation planning, and ongoing risk management.

  • 02

  • Compliance

    Texas House Bill 300, NIST SP 800-series, HSR Toolkit, HHS SRAT, and HHS Spreadsheets our clients have 100% success in responding to (and passing!) OCR and Figliozzi audits.  We update our software each time there is a change in legislation, regulations, and breach data trends are released.

  • 03

  • Automation

    Threat identification, vulnerability analysis, threat agents, likelihood, impact and risk calculations are all automated.  Add, simple Reflexive Question Engine (RQE), remediation plan, multi-user/departmental access, reporting and documentation retention.

  • 04

  • Efficiency

    Designed to save you time, small clinics can complete their own HIPAA Risk Analysis is less than one day! Reduce administrative bloat and cut back on mundane, time-consuming and manual processes by putting HIPAA One®’s automation to work.

  • 05

  • Resources

    Develop your own documentation with built-in HIPAA compliance features and robust questions including those focused on Policies and Procedures.

Our Company's Culture

We focus on:

  • Ease

    Reducing clicks or steps for ease of use and aesthetically-pleasing user experience.

  • Action

    Intelligent consulting so the client and our team can set realistic goals for each project.

  • Exceeding Expectations

    Streamlined automation and compliance tools continue to reduce the stress of HIPAA Compliance for clients in a way they notice from the start.

  • Support

    Standing side-by-side during our client's audits ensures success. There is a reason we have a 100% compliance success rate.









Pass Rate

five star review


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Let HIPAA One do the heavy lifting for your company when it comes to compliance. Make us part of your team to stay up-to-date, stay automatically compliant, and most importantly, protect your client's information.


Join Us in Our Mission to Simplify HIPAA Compliance!

Simple. Automated. Affordable.

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