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Beyond HIPAA compliance, vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, and ongoing threat management are the foundation of any risk management program.

Identify your vulnerabilities so you can take action

By actively scanning and testing your system for vulnerabilities, you can identify security gaps and set up a plan of action to fix those gaps before they are exposed. Data Breaches are becoming more and more frequent, now is the time to prioritize security management.

Vulnerability Scanning

  • What is a Vulnerability Scan?

    A software application that assesses your devices, applications, and network for Common Vulnerabilities and Exploits (CVE's).

  • How Often Should You Run a Vulnerability Scan?

    we run the Vulnerability Scan yearly. We recommend that you run this scan every time you add in a new piece of equipment or install new applications.

  • What are the Benefits of Vulnerability Scanning?

    Scanning identifies weaknesses in your system and also ensures you stay ahead of any hackers. By knowing your vulnerabilities, you can create a plan of action in case of a hack.

  • Keep Information Safe

    By conducting frequent scans, you keep your companies name off the  OCR’s Breaches Portal (otherwise affectionately known as the “Wall of Shame”).


Encryption and Anonymization, Data Classification, Source Code Review, Security Training for Email Phishing.

Ongoing Data Security Efforts:

  • Vulnerability Assessment/scanning
  • Database Encryption and Anonymization
  • Data Classification
  • Personal Data Impact Assessment
  • Source Code Review
  • Email Phishing Campaigns with linked security training
  • Database, Application or IT infrastructure hacking/penetration testing
  • Application Regression Testing/Data Mapping

Threat Management

Identify vulnerabilities (schedule regular scans to your network infrastructure to identify known vulnerabilities as they appear), Determine risk levels (review the vulnerabilities uncovered and flag the issues most critical), Manage system owners (Directly assign actions to specific roles within your company to distribute the workload to the appropriate person.) we can incorporate the two grey boxes below into the Threat Management segment.

The workflow is displayed below for each issue allowing actions such as:

  • Discarding false positives
  • Snooze issues for the future
  • Implement workarounds when proper control implementation is not possible
  • resolving issues.

Personalized and Customizable Interface

  • Within the workflow, each user has their own dashboard, allowing them to navigate to recently accessed files.
  • In the event that it's necessary to snooze high-risk vulnerabilities in order to have authorized access, the defenses are snoozed.

TwelveSec Partnership

Our hands-on ethical hackers are provided by our long-standing trusted partner, TwelveSec. TwelveSec maintains the highest level of professional, industry-certified hackers ensuring the best results in reducing the likelihood of unauthorized access to your organization’s sensitive and confidential data.

By working together, we can help your organization be compliant and secure.









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