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HIPAA One® 2.0 Is Live

bobby-hippoAs of February 14, 2014 we are live with 2.0!  After 3 months of full-time beta testing, we felt confident in HIPAA One® 2.0’s ability to function without bugs and pushed it into production on

The following audiences can take advantage of HIPAA One®:

  1. Healthcare Clinic and Administrative staff
  2. HIPAA Compliance, Security and Privacy Officers
  3. Audit and Healthcare Consultants
  4. Business Associates
  5. Fraud and Abuse Professionals

Our new features in 2.0 include:

  1. Executive dashboards for remediation tracking progress.
  2. Added subjective “Risk Remediated” checkbox for remediation plan updates.
  3. Parent-Child relationship for regional and affiliated Clinic and Hospital organizations.
  4. Import/convert historical HIPAA One® Risk Analysis data for simple Risk Analysis updates.
  5. ePHI System Administrator role added to better handle multi-EHR, EPM, PACS, RIS, and ePHI system environments.
  6. Can marry ePHI System to existing or new location – avoiding redundant questions.
  7. Improved workflow for cloud or hosted systems.
  8. Compliant with Meaningful Use Stage 2 (CM 7/9 for EH/EP) and Stage 1 (CM 14/15 for EH/E.P.) requirements.
  9. Added ASTM_E2147-01,  and 45 CFR 170.314(d)(4), (d)(2), (d)(3), (d)(7), (d)(1), (d)(5), (d)(6), (d)(8), and (d)(9).
  10. Automated Shopping cart functionality for customized product quotes.

Valentine’s Day 2014 was a big day both for the Healthcare Industry and Bobby – the HIPAA One® Mascot!

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