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HIPAA One 2.0 Security Risk Analysis Update Delayed

Although the HIPAA One 2.0 update delay may be disappointing, the story is reassuring. Steven Marco, President of Modern Compliance Solutions, Inc., today announced, “Our simplified HIPAA Security Risk Analysis solution has been geared towards small clinics and Critical Access Hospitals and could not scale-up.  Our “Turbo-Tax”-like, step-by-step is designed solution to handle organization’s complex political and GRC relationships like HITRUST or Archer.  We will release HIPAA One after completing testing of all the new features and utilities requested by our satisfied client base – which have responded to OCR audits, and most have responded to Meaningful Use Compliance Audits in the past 3 months – all successfully.  Our new target release date is Valentine’s Day, February 14,  2014.”

Send any questions about how HIPAA One® ‘s distilled workflow matches NIST SP800-30 – the only “suggested” methodology of the Office of Civil Rights Guidance on HIPAA Security – for HIPAA enforcement – to, call 801-770-1199.

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