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HIPAA One Makes UVEF’s Top 25 Under 5 List

UVEF Top 25 List The Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum annually recognizes and awards Utah companies that have been in business for five years or less, and HIPAA One came in at No. 14 on this year’s UVEF’s Top 25 Under 5 list.

Besides being less than 5 years old, Utah business wanting to apply also have to demonstrate financial growth and employment opportunity. After applying, UVEF ranks and awards companies based on an algorithmic analysis of their revenue, economic impact and scalability for the year.

This is HIPAA One’s first UVEF award, earning the No. 14 spot with their top-of-the-line and easy-to-use cloud based HIPAA Security software.

Steve Marco, President and Founder of HIPAA One, made the following statement after receiving the award,

We at HIPAA One are honored to receive this award.  It is a sign we are growing and working with the right people.  Thank you UVEF!

HIPAA One’s software is beneficial for healthcare providers and their business associates. It’s made for employees who are seasoned HIPAA Security experts and for those who have a limited knowledge of HIPAA Security. It allows each type of employee to quickly identify any of their vulnerabilities or gaps in HIPPA compliance and then formulate their own plan of action to remediate these risks.

HIPPA One’s Security software saves healthcare companies from having to pay millions of dollars in fines and having to spend weeks or months on a process that only needs to take a few hours to complete. Their software is simple, affordable and guaranteed to provide compliance and peace of mind to each of its users.


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