HIPAA One® Privacy Policy

What information do we collect

  • This site collects “non-identifying” browser and visitor statistics.
  • Personal Information (First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Company Name) is requested to gain access to some content.
  • If permitted, our analytics partner will follow actions and visits to our site.

Does this site use cookies

  • Yes, this site uses cookies. Cookies help us understand how successful we are at presenting relevant and helpful information to our site visitors.

How do we store and protect your information

  • Information that is gathered about site usage is stored for less than 26 months with or analytics provider or on the server hosting this site. These data sources have restricted access to only those with a need to support or review the function and analytics of the website.
  • Personal Information is stored in a CRM that is protected by industry standard or better passwords, second factor authentication, and SSL. The access to this data is restricted to the minimal appropriate staff within the company.
  • Email addresses provided will be added to an email list server stored with our email distribution hosting provider. Access to the company list is restricted and secured with SSL.
  • Cookie data may be used for remarketing on Google and other platforms.

How is information shared with others (Third Parties)

  • The information we collect is not sold or shared with other agencies. In the event of a sale or restructure of the company, information that has been collected may be considered a transferable asset.

How can a user opt out of data collection

  • Select disallow cookies to opt out of analytics tracking

How can I request data be removed

  • Reach out to our Privacy contact - info@hipaaone.com


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