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HIPAA One’s parent company, Intraprise Health is one of the leading HITRUST Assessors in the country.

Are you looking to get HITRUST Certified?

One of the longest tenured HITRUST Assessors, Intraprise Health became the first 100% healthcare-focused HITRUST Certified Assessor in 2011 and hasn’t looked back since! We have worked with a broad range of Business Associates (i.e. healthcare vendors),  Health Systems, Payers and Health Information Exchanges to successfully achieve HITRUST Certification. 


Industry-Leading Track Record

Intraprise Health's expertise on CSF adoption and certification has resulted in an industry-leading track record of successful first-time certification submissions. It is important to note that the difference between HITRUST and other frameworks is that achieving compliance is fundamentally an adoption, or consultative, exercise versus a point-in-time audit because it is the HITRUST Alliance not the Assessor that judges and grants the actual certification. Intraprise Health’s HITRUST team works closely with you to help you achieve certification.


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Out of almost 100 HITRUST Assessors, Intraprise Health is one of the very few Assessor firms to be awarded two (2) member seats on the national HITRUST Assessor Council. We are also one of five (5) Assessors to be chosen by HITRUST for a seat on the even more select Quality Assurance subcommittee. Assessors are chosen to be on the Quality Assurance subcommittee by HITRUST based upon the quality of their HITRUST submissions.

Our Certified Practitioner consultants are a team of “HITRUST-ninjas”, and often work directly with the HITRUST Alliance to enhance the CSF including setting quality standards for the HITRUST CSF Assurance Program and Methodology.   

This type of recognition from the HITRUST Alliance is a manifestation of our combined experience, depth and proven excellence through our work with clients of all types, sizes and complexity seeking to become HITRUST Certified.    

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