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HIPAA Security For Service Providers

partner-headerToday, network security is more important than ever for managed service providers with healthcare clients who handle electronic protected health information (ePHI) and want to comply with HIPAA. Many of these entities look to you, the trusted IT service provider, to handle their HIPAA compliance responsibilities.

As a service provider, you are responsible for following compliance standards established by the department of Health and Human Services (HHS). It’s important that you use the most effective and secure systems and provide reliable network security to the healthcare organizations you work for to ensure their patients’ ePHI is safeguarded from the risk of unauthorized online access and that they remain HIPAA compliant.

How does using HIPAA One separate you from your competition?

  1. It automates 78% of the process reducing costs for your clients, while allowing increased up-side in performing the services.
  2. Guaranteed compliance – HIPAA One guarantees compliance with 45 CFR 164.308(a)(a)(ii)(A).
  3. They leave a PDF or Excel spreadsheet to manage ongoing remediation.  You can leave a living, breathing platform to track updates, manage users and automate reporting for audits on-the-fly.
  4. Extending interviews to individuals reduces the workload while allowing you to handle 5x-8x the number of risk analysis with the same FTE.
  5. Automated email reminders take care of keeping track of remediation while annual renewal reminders ensure your clients stay sticky to your services while ensuring revenue for years to come.

So why is a partnership with HIPAA One the right choice for your clients?

HIPAA One is an online software system that identifies the gaps in compliance so you can quickly and easily fix those gaps for you and your clients. You can use our system as a standardized platform to automate most of the risk analysis process, as well as all the documentation and reporting.

Providing our software solution is good for your clients and great for your working relationship with them. When you use HIPAA One to manage your clients’ compliance efforts, they keep their patients’ ePHI secure and steer clear from HIPAA fines. By helping them remain HIPAA compliant, you help enable technology investments you have been recommending for years through value-add project opportunities garnered from the remediation process.  You earn their trust and more credibility as the service provider they can count on.

Our inexpensive, easy-to-use solution augments your technology tool-set and improves your client services. We’d love to answer any of your HIPAA related questions or questions about our software system and turn-key packages. Contact us today with your questions or for more information about becoming a partner with HIPAA One.