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Partners and Value Added Resellers

We were blown-away at the response we got in Q4 2015 – over $250K in revenue and $150K in gross profit with little marketing. HIPAA One trained our sales staff and our clients love the software.”  – Gary W., Advanced Professional Services

Our clients had a surprising amount audits last year. The non-HIPAA One users struggled responding to their audits and experienced issues locating the necessary documentation and reports.  Meanwhile, the HIPAA One users had no problems and by using the “click to report” button in the software, they were able to report quickly with no breaches.”  – Susan C., HIT Dept. Mgr

At HIPAA One, we are committed to providing your organization with the tools and resources to appropriately market our services to your current and prospective clients. We truly view value added resellers (VAR) and partnerships as a “You win, We win” relationship and will do everything we can to help you be successful. Being that each partnership is different, we tailor our partner marketing efforts to meet the specific needs of your organization and client base.

Below is a sample list of the marketing resources available to our partners:

  • Brochures
  • Personalized Compliance Quiz
  • Email Campaigns
  • Access to Blog Database
  • Joint Webinars
  • Repository of Education Resources
  • Logos

VAR Qualifications

Successful HIPAA One VARs share the following characteristics:
  1. Trusted advisor, EHR/EMR software and/or Managed Service Provider (MSP) to healthcare providers, health plans and/or healthcare service organizations
  2. Existing strong Healthcare market presence
  3. Growing and loyal customer base
  4. Focus on Electronic Health Record (EHR) software and conversions, healthcare security, compliance and/or Health I.T.
  5. Ability to deliver comprehensive healthcare software or consulting services with on-going support
  6. Desire to invest in a partnership that expands offerings to include the HIPAA One SRA delivery platform
  7. Skills, knowledge and experience about the solutions to healthcare industry issues

HIPAA One and VAR Synergies

Our customers will have assurances of a tried-and tested solution.  These successes ensure that we incorporate:
  1. Business Referrals:  HIPAA One and VARs may refer business to each other
  2. Customer Relationship Ownership: VARs maintain ownership and control of their customer relationship
  3. Sales Support: VARs control the sales cycle with as much, or as little, support needed from HIPAA One
  4. Branding:  HIPAA One licensing is incorporated into the VAR’s product offering
  5. HIPAA One Access:  VARs have immediate “demo” access to HIPAA One  software and solutions at no cost
  6. Consistent and Complete Quality:  HIPAA One forces an efficient and effective HIPAA SRA workflow ensuring the highest quality onsite consulting services
  7. Progressive Commission Structure:  Commissions increase and installation base grows

HIPAA One Commitments

We succeed when our partners and their customers succeed. We focus on the following to ensure VARs success:
  1. HIPAA One Expert Training:  How to use HIPAA One in the delivery of software and solutions
  2. Dedicated Resources:  To support sales, proposal development, demonstrations and product activations
  3. Revenue Sharing:  Up-front commissions for one-time sales and renewals
  4. Open Forum:  Industry discussions, feedback on HIPAA One for ideas, suggestions and product enhancements
  5. Product Improvement:  Features and Convenience & Usability updates to platform based on feedback
  6. Marketing Support:  In the form of brochures, press releases, web-site content, customer testimonials
  7. Updates:  HIPAA One is constantly updated with new regulations and periodic notices of updates via email
  8. Lower Costs: Easier management and lower infrastructure costs
  9. Transparent and Simple Pricing:  VARs control the sales for their clients by including HIPAA One on invoices

VAR Commitments

We uphold the security profession standards by ensuring commitment to quality and certification. We need VARs to focus on:
  1. Meet and maintain our VAR qualification Criteria
  2. Certifications:  Maintain at least 1 certified professional with an industry-recognized security certification (e.g. CISA, CISSP, HCISPP, CCNA/CCNP/CCIE Security, PCIP Qualification, CHP, CISM, CRISC, CIPP) on staff
  3. Sales Pipeline Registration:  Register and update sales pipeline and forecasts
  4. Pricing:  Sell HIPAA One at set pricing
  5. Delivery:  Delivery of HIPAA One software and solution according to quality standards
  6. Branding:  Use promotion materials only as specified by HIPAA One
  7. Incorporate Terms and Conditions for its HIPAA One software in all sales contracts and agreements

Download the full PDF here:  HIPAA One VAR Overview