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HIPAA Automation: Manage Multiple Locations and ePHI Systems With Ease

Image Source:  The National Guard

Image Source: The National Guard

Managing an organization is hard work. And when you manage more than one location with access to ePHI (or as a Business Associate), it becomes an even harder task. Your workload and responsibilities are doubled, tripled, even quadrupled.

One responsibility on your laundry list of duties involves ensuring each your locations adhere to the HIPAA privacy and security rules to remain compliant. Remaining HIPAA compliant can seem like the most overwhelming task, and the requirements to maintain compliancy can seem tedious and time-consuming. But in order to save your organization money and time, you can’t overlook any of HIPAA’s requirements. You must ensure each of the clinics you manage follow the mandated requirements.

With the right tool, you can get rid of your fears and anguishes when it comes to HIPAA compliance. When you choose automated HIPAA compliance software, you’ll be managing your organizations, remote locations and their compliancy with ease.

One Software, Multiple Locations and ePHI Systems

When you’re looking for compliance software to manage more than one location, there are certain qualities you should require. The online software you choose should be automated, easy to understand and use, and completely cost-effective.

Here are 6 essential points of automation for compliance software:

  • Threat identification
  • Threat agents
  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Risk calculations
  • Remediation plans
  • Proper reporting and documentation preservation

For the sake of your organization, you cannot accept anything less when it comes to ensuring compliance. A security breach at one clinic is devastating enough, but compound that among multiple locations and/or headquarters the results are crippling.

The amount of time you spend with a typical security risk analysis is nothing compared to the time spent handling a security breach. Automating 6 of the 9 steps makes your time spent on a security risk analysis even shorter. Our analysis also makes sure your clinics are prepared when the time comes for a HIPAA audit. So, you can cross stressing over that audit off your to-do list.

Multiplying Your Workforce

While automation is magical in the sense that it gives you more time to spend at your remote locations, it doesn’t give you HIPAA knowledge superpowers. That’s why it’s even more important to have HIPAA experts in your corner. When you choose HIPAA One®, you also receive guidance for self-assessment, remote or full onsite consulting from our knowledgeable professionals. When any of your locations are in need, they will come onsite and provide any consulting, guidance or training necessary when it comes to HIPAA compliance. Instead of wasting hours trying to learn all this on your own and then try and explain it to your office staff in meetings or trainings, our professionals will take care of the hassle for you.

Adding additional ePHI Systems (RIS, PACS, PM, historical EMR, portals, Medical Equipment, etc.) HIPAA One® intelligently adds a new role for that system’s Administration, and allows delegation at the beginning of the assessment to cover the related physical administrative and technical safeguards for that system.  This allows distribution of the workload by getting the questions into the right hands up-front, then allowing the software to do the heavy-lifting in preparation for Control Recommendations and risk-remediation.

The Bottom Line

What once was a weeklong or even longer process — and then double or triple that in a multiple-location and multi-ePHI system situation — is now cut significantly to just hours per clinic.

The automated and all-encompassing HIPAA One software is the tool you need to help you manage your main headquarters, regional vs. remote locations and multi-ePHI Systems with ease. And to ensure you and your staff members spend your time and focus on your clients and patients, the ones who should be receiving it.