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Prior to working with HIPAA One, we tried numerous time-consuming and frustrating approaches/products to perform and document our security risk assessments. We were relieved to find that this is an easy to use software product. We went from spending months performing our risk assessment, remediation plan, and developing/updating policies to days. If you are trying to decide if the product is worth the investment, determine how much time you spend performing your yearly risk assessment, documenting the results, updating your policies, etc. and compare that to the overall cost of the product. Also, ask yourself how confident you are that your organization would pass an audit.”

–  Grace Miller, IT Director, Infinity Primary Care

HIPAA One not only gives you a very defined outline of all the rules and regulations required for compliance during the current year, but also all of the rules and regulations for the upcoming year! I also appreciated that the software provided a formal report that could be delivered to our Executive Director with specific items of action. We know exactly who we are going to use next year to manage our security analysis, HIPAA One!”

– Eric Young, HIPAA Security Officer for Kootenai Urgent Care/North Idaho Family Physicians. Read the full case study for Young and his team here.

The HIPAA One software strongly encourages a thorough security risk analysis and provides a place to centrally maintain all of your HIPAA compliance documentation. The customer service is timely and always friendly.”

– Trish Harkness, Health IT and Systems Specialist, Synovim Healthcare Solutions

We had an extremely positive experience working with Steve and his team. It was obvious that they knew what they were talking about and their guidance through the security risk analysis process was extremely valuable. We needed the analysis performed by a given day and they delivered! We also valued their willingness to spend two full days on site with us. Not only did HIPAA One® help us attest for Meaningful Use in an honest way but they opened up vulnerabilities based on how we do business each day and recommended changes. That guidance helped us ensure that our patients’ information is more secure. The value for what we paid is insurmountable!”

– Debbie Christiansen, Physician Support Manager and Clinics Coordinator for San Juan Health Service. Find out more about Debbie’s experience in the San Juan Health Service Case Study.

Top notch service. Our HIPAA consultant, Kent, was professional, knowledgeable and respectful. He is highly recommended by our team and worked with us on every aspect. The software makes it easy to keep track of what you have to do, provides citations, timelines, etc…

– Michael Butz, Sr Dir Compliance and QI, Illinois College of Optometry

We were able to do a lot of the leg work before Steve and his team came on site. Once on site, they were very polite, professional, and easy to get along with. Our whole team loved working with them! The HIPAA One software identified and prioritized our risks and provided helpful reporting. I am almost certain that we will be using the HIPAA One® software on an ongoing basis!”

– Dustin Harris, IT Manager for Chase County Community Hospital and Clinic. Dustin’s experience, his challenges, and the solution can be found in detail in this case study.

I cannot think of any company as diligent and focused on getting the job done right. In my mind, HIPAA One was the only choice for taking the next steps for updating our server infrastructure. What this work comes down to is trust and I have no doubts in Mr. Marco and the abilities of his company. Going forward, the HIPAA One team are the only people I want to work on my IT projects.”

– Luke Galdi, Business Development and IT Manager for Parker Toyota. Read more about how HIPAA One guided Parker Toyota in the case study available here.

Having Steve go through the security risk analysis process with us gave our clinic peace of mind and a sense of security. Should we ever be audited, we now have a documentation trail and would be able to show that we went through an analysis and the outcome. It was unbelievably comforting to have someone physically on site with us to work through this important task. The HIPAA One software is a very valuable tool and we believe in it!”

– Teri, Office Manager for Small Idaho Family Practice. Find out how this small family practice rose to the HIPAA Security challenge in this case study.